Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's an odd feeling to listen to an anti-church rant and feel a holy pang of hope in the words of the so-called atheist.

Stephen Fry vs. Catholicism:

I often find comfort in the dissenting voice, while at the same time, claiming a faith that heralds itself as a hopeful voice. But the churches I've attended (and I claim allegiance to none, and haven't for a few years now) seem to forget the ending to Psalm 88: only darkness remains. These churches also always seemed to have a merch table, with devotionals, baked goods, etc. for sale, suggesting they also forgot that Christ turned these tables over when he first visited the Temple in Jerusalem.

So: is a Bible-based faith not actually about a set of moral rules, but about daily self-destruction? Of turning over one's tables to keep the body from becoming a den of thieves?

I kinda hope so.

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