Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drafting, pt. 2

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Because it is apparently impossible for me to write/tell anything in chronological order, coming up with a structure for WS has been one of the biggest challenges with the dang thing. The best idea I've come up with is to break the manuscript into 3 parts, each with a guiding, thematic word before each new chapter. In the first draft, the parts went as follows:

Part 1: The Static of the Fathers | Theme word: Static
Part 2: A Swirling of Night & Light | Theme word: Swirls
Part 3: A Temple and/or A Tomb | Theme word: A rotation of Temple and Tomb

The most current change regards part two, which is currently:
Part 2: Night/Light | Theme word: A rotation of Night and Light

So, the point is that at the end of each chapter (which have their own unique time-line, structure, and themes) the reader will be met with a blurb about the theme word and how it connects to the next chapter. Visually, they look the same, so it should build some sense of familiarity. Clearly, the more I describe it, the less it makes sense. The fear? I really like it, and don't plan on throwing it away any time soon.

The newest blurb is a rewrite for
Thief in the Night, the first chapter in Part 2, and goes like this:


is described as descending—like a curtain, a mouth closing, a quilt pulled up over eyes that won’t close. But you are told, heaven is above, hell is below, and there you are in the middle of it all, swearing that as day dies out, the ground seems hot under your heels, and if you could just be good enough to keep it from ascending, from coming up in conversation, in dreams. As your pillowed eyes look for sleep, the darkness thickens, arises, because it only comes out at night. Descending, ascending—it doesn’t matter where it comes from, only that the last letters always spell out ending.]

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